Adoption Process

Step by Step Guide to Putting your Baby up for Adoption

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So you’re pregnant, and it wasn’t planned.

You have some decisions to make- and we hope you choose what is in the best interest of the baby.  Below is a brief step by step walk through of the adoption process to help educate you on this option.  If you would prefer to talk to someone about these steps, do CALL or text  866-411-1104– our Birthmother Hotline.

So if you are thinking:

  • I am thinking adoption for my baby
  • Giving up my baby for adoption
  • Deciding if Adoption is Right for You and Your Child
  • I am pregnant need help with expenses and want to give up my baby for open adoption instead of abortion.

We are here for you. We want to guide you through every step of your adoption process.  Families are waiting.  No expense to you, and we can help with living expenses.

Step 1 : Making a Decision Regarding your Pregnancy

You just found out you are pregnant. Was this pregnancy unexpected? or is this just not the right time to parent? Either way, a baby is on the way !

Making a decision to place your child for adoption should be an informed decision and not rushed. Adoption is a choice only you can make. The decision you make should be in the best interest of yourself and your baby.  We are here to help you with that decision – no pressure, nor judgement, and no rush.

While not every birth mother that contacts us chooses adoption, they may choose to parent or place a child with a relative.

It’s hard to deny the signs of life inside you. Any choice you make will have consequences that affect your future. Don’t let others influence you into making a decision that you may regret.  Adoption is hard, but it is a selfless decision with the baby in mind.

So if we had to define Adoption? Adoption is a permanent legal procedure where a child is placed with approved adoptive parents to raise the child as a member of their family.

Your Options

  • You can choose to parent your child yourself (we can guide you to resources to help you parent)
  • Seek a family member to assist you with raising your child
  • Place your child in temporary custody with a relative(You will still be legally responsible for your child’s well being)
  • Place your child in a permanent placement situation with a family member (You will still see your child during family functions, depending on your situation this could be a constant reminder of a past situation)
  • Or choose adoption with a loving, waiting family.
The Benefits Of Choosing Adoption

Step 2: Creating an Adoption Plan

Adoption Agencies are professional and licensed organizations that act as intermediaries for birth parents and adoptive parents.  They provide the framework to educate birth and adoptive parents, and provide discretion to make sure a birth mother’s adoption plan is followed.

  • Do you want to receive letters/photos from the adoptive family? Will you want these sent directly to you or through the agency?
  • Do you want to have visits? Will the visits be once a year or more often?

You choose the Level of Confidentiality in your Adoption

In a confidential adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents do not exchange any identifying information.

With semi-open adoptions you will know each other by first names only.

Open adoptions permit the most contact between families either directly or with a third party. An open adoption eliminates the need for a child to search for the birth parents if they choose to do so later in their life. You will also know how your child is doing.

Step 3: Finding a Loving Family for your Baby

You choose the adoptive family that you feel is best for your baby.  We will find adoptive families that are highly interested in adopting children.  The families are prescreened and have met all state mandated education requirements, have passed all background checks and have been personally visited in their own homes by social workers to make absolutely sure that they can properly take care of a child.

There is no cost for a birthmother through this process- starting with finding a family!

Besides the families we represent, if you have a family or relative with interest in adopting your baby, we can help with such an adoption just as well (this is known as a private adoption).

Step 4: Getting to Birth

Setting things up for after the baby’s birth is one thing- but you have 9 months of pregnancy!!  This means medical attention, housing and other living expenses that you may not have the resources to handle.

Assistance with medical bills, living expenses and attorney fees are generally all paid by the adoptive parents.  You are a blessing to the birth family and adoptive parents are willing to support you.

Depending on the situation, a social worker may help you with documentation and setup of baseline services such as WIC, Medicare, Food Stamps, etc..

During your pregnancy, you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the adoptive parents- as outlined in your adoption plan.  This may include personal meeting, phone calls, letters/email, or none of the above- as dictated by you.

Step 5: Getting through the Legalities

As mentioned above, adoption is a legal process- and it involves an attorney.  An attorney, paid for by the family you select, may have an attorney contact you to set up all legal consent and adoption forms.  This is not exciting, but not painful either.

Step 6: Birth and Relinquishment

The nine months of caring for and growing the life inside of you is an act of love, as is giving birth and giving your baby to loving adoptive parents.  The birth of your child will be joyful for them, and heavy in emotion for you.  We know that– so we will be with you.

While at the hospital, you have the right, as per your adoption plan, to spend time with your newborn- although doing so can be an emotional experience.  The Adoptive Parents will also be at the hospital ready to meet the new child.  You will spend the time needed in the hospital, and the child will go home with the adoptive parents.

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